K-9 Officer Preservation Fund

Initiated in 2015, the vision of the K-9 Officer Preservation (KOP) Fund is to ensure all of the DCSO K-9s continue to receive the same high level of care and compassion they are currently receiving – throughout their retirement. During their careers, these K-9s are called upon for difficult and physically demanding work. As a result, medical costs in retirement are often extensive.

K-9 Hero Atlas

Born: September 2, 2011 – Holland
Breed: Belgian Malinois
Start Date: 2015
Training: Patrol Work / Narcotics Detection
Specialty: Building Searches
Hobbies: Going to the bathroom when and where it’s least convenient

“Atlas has been a great partner and is enjoying the retired life at home with my family. We're very honored to have him in our lives” ~ Deputy Tyler Morris

K-9 Hero Atlas

These dogs have earned a Hero’s Retirement, and with your help it can be a reality. K-9 Friends has provided $41,150 for medical care of these retired K-9s. Prior to K-9 Friends the deputies had to pay these medical expenses out of their own pockets for K-9s Leon, Ziehan, Moose, Axel, Loki, Borris, Koa, Tank, Zoos, Colt and Atlas.