K-9 Officer Preservation Fund

Initiated in 2015, the vision of the K-9 Officer Preservation (KOP) Fund is to ensure all of the DCSO K-9s continue to receive the same high level of care and compassion they are currently receiving – throughout their retirement. During their careers, these K-9s are called upon for difficult and physically demanding work. As a result, medical costs in retirement are often extensive.

K-9 Hero Scooter

Born: July 2, 2013 – Holland
Breed: Belgian Malinois
Start Date: 2015
Training: Patrol Work / Narcotics Detection
Specialty: Drug Detection
Hobbies: He'll do anything for a ball

“Scooter is really enjoying retirement. He loves to lay on the back deck and sun himself, and he always has a ball in his mouth or under his paw. He keeps himself busy with his other new hobby of pulling down the bee traps in the backyard and making me mad. He also figured out how to open the back door to let himself in the house.” ~ Sergeant Brad Proulx

K-9 Hero Atlas

These dogs have earned a Hero’s Retirement, and with your help it can be a reality. K-9 Friends has provided $41,150 for medical care of these retired K-9s. Prior to K-9 Friends the deputies had to pay these medical expenses out of their own pockets for K-9s Leon, Ziehan, Moose, Axel, Loki, Borris, Koa, Tank, Zoos, Colt and Atlas.