Committed to K-9s

Honestly, we love all dogs – but these dogs are truly special. As the leading force of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit, these dogs are heroes. Not only are they working 24/7/365 to ensure a safer community for all of us, these dogs save lives.

The founders of K-9 Friends wanted to ensure these heroes would have the best healthcare and equipment throughout their working career and beyond. The sustainable solution was to create a non-profit public charity to provide ongoing support for the DCSO K-9 Unit.

Since 2011, K-9 Friends has been making a real impact.

Since 2011, K-9 Friends has had the privilege of helping the DCSO K-9 Unit purchase eleven new dogs and provide them with world-class training, plus an array of specialized equipment. We also work hard to ensure our retired K-9s receive the best healthcare possible to live out the rest of their years.

Specialized Equipment

  • Custom-fit, K-9 Kevlar vests
  • Firearm suppressors to protect K-9 hearing
  • GPS tracking K-9 collars
  • K-9 tracking harnesses with infrared lights
  • Bite suits, bite sleeves and bite pillows
  • Agitation harnesses and collars for decoy training
  • Drug ammo cans and scent detection boxes

Essential Supplies

  • Balls (lots of them!)
  • Bowls
  • Leashes
  • Kennel heat pads
  • Collapsible crates
  • Military grade metal crates

World-class Training

  • HITS – Handler Instruction & Training Seminar
  • Dual purpose narcotic detector training
  • Rattlesnake avoidance training
  • K-9 Supervisor classes
  • Quarterly decoy, tracking and safety training
  • Bite work training
  • Drug work training

K-9 Officer Preservation Fund

The K-9 Officer Preservation Fund (KOP Fund) ensures every DCSO K-9 receives the same high level of care and compassion throughout their retirement.

Beyond the Call

Since the Douglas County Sheriff's Office K-9 unit was established in 1989, dozens of valiant K-9 officers have heroically served the community. We honor their selfless service on our In Memoriam page.