Our K-9 Officers Deserve to Retire with Dignity:
Introducing the K-9 Officer Preservation Fund

At Franktown Animal Clinic, we have medically treated the K-9 Officers of Douglas County for more than 19 years. These dogs are highly trained to work in law enforcement; each one is their deputy’s partner, risking his/her life every day to keep Douglas County safe. Our K-9s are valuable assets to law enforcement and are experts at conducting apprehension work, building searches, area sweeps, tracking and evidence searches, SWAT operations and finding illegal drugs.

We founded the nonprofit Friends of Douglas County K-9 (or K-9 Friends, as we like to call it) in 2011 to help offset the costs of purchasing, training and caring for these unique K-9 law enforcement officers. In 2015 we announced the formation of the K-9 Officer Preservation (KOP) Fund to help care for our K-9 Officers during their retirement through the end of their lives.

K-9 Hero Borris

It’s important to keep the K-9’s healthy and happy while they serve the county and also during their retirement. Our clinic and others provide healthcare for these elite dogs that runs the gamut from routine dental work to cancer treatment. A working K-9’s medical care is paid by the taxpayers of Douglas County. Once a K-9 retires, however, the Deputy purchases the dog from the county for $1 and becomes the dog’s caretaker, assuming all costs for the K-9 going forward.

Once in retirement, a K-9’s medical costs can quickly become expensive. Often, dogs suffer recurring chronic pain from injuries they received on-the-job or they simply develop health conditions from old age, such as arthritis. Paying for these medical costs can become a prohibitive financial burden on the K-9’s human guardian.

“Retiring a K-9 is bittersweet for the Deputy, as you want them to enjoy the latter years of their life but miss working with them,” said Lieutenant Barrella of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, also the K-9 Unit’s commander. “This is also a time when all of the responsibility for their care shifts from the Sheriff’s Office to them, personally.┬áThe KOP Fund takes that pressure off of the Deputy so the dog’s healthcare doesn’t become overwhelmingly expensive, allowing them to spend their time spoiling their former partner who gave so much.”

Our inspiration for founding the KOP Fund started with K-9 Officer Borris, who retired in 2012. He needed expensive surgery on two of his stifles (leg joints) and also required dental care. Because of the KOP Fund and your generous donations, Borris is able to receive state-of-the-art treatment at Animal Emergency and Specialty Center and Franktown Animal Clinic for the rest of his life at no cost to his human caretaker. Borris is happy and healthy and is enjoying his retirement to the fullest!

To ensure all of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office K-9s are covered like Borris in their retirement, our goal is to raise $60,000 for the KOP Fund by the end of 2018. Please help us reach our goal by making a tax-free donation here. Every bit helps, and no donation is too small or too large to provide our K-9 Officers with the most comfortable retirement possible. We hope to have a PAWSitive impact on the health and happiness of every K-9 Officer in Douglas County – thank you for helping us in that endeavor.

K-9 Officer Preservation Fund

The K-9 Officer Preservation Fund (KOP Fund) ensures every DCSO K-9 receives the same high level of care and compassion throughout their retirement.